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Aleo was born and raised in an entertainment environment having both of his parents working as entertainers on board of cruise ship. As a child he was already experiencing few cruise world tour listening to musicians and watching dancers rehearsal for their shows. As teenager he then decided to take his passion for music as a profession, started off as trumpet player, keyboard player and singer he travelled around the world. In 2006 he has moved on to a management position working for the entertainment agency taking care of all the entertainment cast and logistic on board of Costa Cruise and the most prestigious land based venues in Monaco and around the World .
Strong of his experience and being in contact with thousand of musicians and artists who trust in his professional skills and values he has decide to create New Entertainment & Service Ltd who has gone from strength to strength and recently obtain an MLC 2006 certification & ISO 9001:2008 first certified entertainment agency in UK.



Paola has started performing as a ballet dancer at a very young age, during her teenage years she started to take singing lesson and she soon realized that her career would have been in the creative and art performing world. At the age of 19 she moved to London where she graduated as Graphic Designer and Advertiser where she started to work for professional organization as well as developing her semi profession as jazz singer.
Since then she has been involved in many creative projects mixing her experience and passion for the design and the music world. Paola is the creative engine of NEW Entertainment & Service developing new ideas, creating advertising material and liaising with new unique talents as well as taking care of some admin duties.



Anna Maria has 45 years experience in the Travel and Tourism Industry. She started working on cruise ship in 1971 in Lloyd Triestino and Societa Italia to become the first female Cruise Director in Italy she then worked at sea for many years for prestigious cruise lines.
She has a tremendous ability to switch from one language to another, speaking a total of 6 languages fluently. She is also a qualified and registered tour guide in Genoa and tour leader. In 2011 she took up a role as Training Manager for Entertainment department of MSC Cruises for 2 years and since 2014 she has become Senior Entertainment Consultant for NEW Entertainment & Service sharing her great experience and knowledge as valuable and essential asset for the company.



David Darko is NEW E&S head of finance & contract department. As an accomplished professional he has extensive experience in Industry, and Education. His acquired experience has placed in United Kingdom, North America, and West Africa.
During the span of his career, he has been part of very exciting creative projects but always keeping a very serious attitude toward his profession and numbers.
In 2006 David was appointed as an adjunct professor, at a university teaching in a hybrid financial online course and live classroom environment, along with accessing and grading work and final internally accessed examinations.
As far back as his late teens, he has studied different martial arts Shotokan, Kaley, but primarily and currently teaches Tae Kwon Do in Dojangs in south London. Occasionally, by invite, strictly, he judges, referees and coaches at national competitions.


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